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function in CLIPS

Jan 26, 2015 at 4:08 PM
hi all
I have some clips code that defined rule and in action of rule called function but this function was wrote on C# project.
(deftemplate question 
(slot value
    (type FLOAT)
    (default 0.0))
(defrule startup1 " "
(question (value ?x))
(if (= ?x 1)
the FireTestHealthy function must be define on C# code.
but I need write a clips code like above and save it as .CLP file then add it to my project
in my project the FireTestHealthy function will be define.
please help me I need some tips, when I write above clips code I have error for define the function then clips can not save my code by save() command how can I write above code without ERROR please pay attention that I must define this function in C# project.

my problem is define above clips code I mean how can I write above code?