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Project Description
CLIPS.NET is .NET managed interface for CLIPS (C Language Integrated Production System)

CLIPS.NET is an effort to bring CLIPS into the .NET world. Framework is allowing a convenient and easy integrating Clips expert system in your .NET projects.

Project contains a precompiled version of core CLIPS library and the interface framework, examples with source code. Inspiration for most of them is from CLIPSJNI.

More information about clips you can find at CLIPS

Currently project includes 2 fully working examples, but idea is they to grow. Initial release will consist of 4 examples which correspond to the CLIPSJNI ones. Of course primary goal here is a "proof of concept" and demonstration of basic way to interact with Mommosoft.ExpertSystem Framework. Next big step is user defined functions support.






All the feedback is welcome at the beginning and vital point of the project.

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